Friday, November 26, 2010

Captain's Personal Log 201011.26

My how time flies. The academy is keeping me so busy I find it challenging to keep track of what day it is. Made is successfully to the end of the Fall Boot Camp and I am 6 pounds lighter.

Finished my last week of clinicals and know its all about getting ready for my last three exams. I must say I'm a bit more nervous this time around then the last. So much is riding on my grades it almost makes you lose your focus on what you need to be paying attention to. Must do one more group presentation and write one more paper before I can completely concentrate on my nursing classes. No more 18 unit semesters!!

Lovely Thanksgiving weekend with the family. Enjoying them while I can before beaming off to my responsibilities. This year is almost over and I know the new year will bring bigger and better things.
Capt. K

Friday, November 12, 2010

Time Keeps Flying By

Captain's Log 201011.11

The academy is keeping me busy. Exams, term papers and group presentations are the main things on my mind. Want to do well on my exams...finish strong. I wish we had more time to actually digest all that we are learning, we seem to be just flying through everything but not really "learning." There have been some days were I have felt like this is just craziness and I can think of some better things to be doing with my time.

Weight loss has been slow, spending so much time studying I'm not working out as much. glad I am not gaining...though once I pass my exam on Monday I am celebrating with some Chipotle. I have been saving up for this treat.

Had some blood drawn last week but haven't heard anything. Pray that the antibodies I need to keep me safe as I deal with patients and the public are there. No one has been able to tell me for sure what to do if I am susceptible. Not a very reassuring thing.

Tried coffee last week, it just didn't take. Tasted like hot water. Guess I stick with Sprite for now.

End transmission

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Week Nine Nursing School 2nd Semester

Hard to believe we're are in the middle of the semester, quickly approaching the finish line. Just when I think I have a handle on things, something pops up to make my schedule seem dysfunctional. Study, study, study and then study some more.

Glad to over my cold, it really knocked me for a loop and then some. No weight loss this week but I only missed 5 days of exercise for the entire month....not bad...hope to exercise every day in November as we get into the the unhealthy holiday season. My goal was to lose 10 pounds, I've lost almost half...we'll see what I can do this next four weeks.

The crew is hanging on with all their fun antics. It was interesting having Lt Denyce away at camp for most of the week. Ensign Andrew noticed but didn't seem to fret since I and the Commander weren't making a big deal about.

Too bad we couldn't take a day trip to see mom and dad especially since today is dad's birthday. Looking forward to visiting with the family very soon....with nothing but GOOD news!
End Transmission

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Week Eight Nursing School 2nd Semester

Its the middle of the semester and I'm feeling it! My cold hindered me a bit, needing rest and not being able to take it actually fatigued me more. Glad to be coming to the end of this and be able to increase my focus.

Exercising every day has helped even if it was just 15 minutes. Medicines just didn't help at all, just kept popping the cough drops and having the tissues handy. Lost another two pounds, Yea! Convinced the Commander we didn't need to go to Hometown or Souplantation this week...those places really make me back track even though the Crew loves to eat there and the variety is great for them.

Looking forward to another healthy choice making week!
God is good!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Week Seven Nursing School 2nd Semester

Lost 2 pounds last week, yea! Even though I was sick I still tried to do some form of exercise most days last week.

Got some great studying done this weekend but I'm still slightly much reading and paperwork! Felt great about my exam today and now just to get ready for all my quizzes and taking care of my two patients.

Things can only go up from here!
Capt L

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Week Six Nursing School

Tough week! Being sick last week really but me at a disadvantage. Studying basically didn't exist. Feeling better today but have really had to struggle with doubt in my abilities. Am I really too old for all this "learning." Why can't I make my brain engage like it used to just a few years ago. Have I really been out of the game that long?

Doubting myself is more scarier than anything else. I know I can do it and I know the ability to be successful lie within me. How do I get then out? How do I waken the potential in me and remain excellent? How do I maintain this precarious balancing act? Though slightly sad and disappointed I have not given up on myself. I will redouble my efforts and look to the hills for my help.

I am determined to continue hanging in there and strive for excellence.
Captain Leichelle

Friday, October 8, 2010

Captain's Personal Log Supplemental 201010.8

Week Five Nursing School/Fall Boot Camp #2 Supplemental Part 3
What a week. I worked out every day this week. I'm trying to go for all the 31 days in October. On Wednesday a cold presented itself and I've been fighting it as best I can. Thursday night's exam I felt I did well. Since I actually prepared and did the reading I'm not worried about it.
Monday's exam is a entirely different monster. I must make sure to have all my common sense in place and remember the vitals when taking care of patients with certain ailments. Glad I'm off the floor this week, hope to be done with my cold when I enter ICU and do wound care.

Haven't had much of an appetite but I know if I want to get over this cold I must eat. Trying not to stay up too late either, rest is also important to my recovery.

Okay praying for another pound lost. Aiming for 240 at the end of October.
I can do it!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Week Five Nursing School/Fall Boot Camp #2 Supplemental

Got in a great 45 mins workout this morning, definitely felt the difference while at school. The rainy makes me so sleepy, every little bit helps. Keeping on track want to increase that one pound loss to two by the end of the week.

Time to prepare for tomorrow's patient.,
Captain L

Monday, October 4, 2010

Week Five Nursing School/Fall Boot Camp #2 Supplemental

Down one pound this week, just in time for my women's business!! Anyway finally feeling a little more human and not like some species lost among the starts.
Its all about studying for exams this week.

Week Five Nursing School/Fall Boot Camp #2

Time is passing much too quickly. Steve enjoyed celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary on Friday Oct 1st. Had a lovely dinner alone and just spent some time together without the kids.

I worked out everyday but Wednesday last week. Unfortunately we went out to eat on Sunday and now my monthly is here so I don't see much movement on the scale just yet. I have to really watch what I eat this week so I don't go back up. I made some really poor food choices this week. I must demand more fruits and vegetables in the house. The kids are consuming too much high sugar and high salt foods. I know the Commander is thinking convenience but this is not being healthy at all.

I really need to do more concentrated cardio. My back is bothering me so it is hard to want to move when this chronic pain is such a constant discomfort. I am really praying the weight loss will take care of my back problem.

Once I finish the discussion questions and start on my two group projects I will officially be caught up on all my assignments. I can finally see the end of the tunnel! All I need to do is stay up on the review and studying and I will have a successful semester.
Captain Out

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Week Four Nursing School supplemental Part 2

What a busy week. On Monday the temps were in the triple digits. Didn't feel much of it since I was inside class most of the day then upstairs in the hospital trying to pick my patient. Didn't care for class today since we were dealing with cancer and that is still a sore spot for my family.

By the time I got home on Monday night I was very tired but had to trek on. Was glad to put my huge assignments behind me but I have gotten behind in studying for by first exam coming up in two weeks and doing all my reading. I must write a essay for my women's studies class for Thursday. Trying not to stress out!

Despite of it all I had a great time treating my two patients. It was a lot of work working on two patients. You really must organize your time and stay on top of everything that MUST be done and Needs to be completed.

Okay this weeks homework is calling my name.

Captain out

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Week Four Nursing School Revisited

Because of the holiday at the beginning of this month this is actually week 4 for Nursing and week 5 for all my other classes. The weekend was filled with playing catch-up on reading and assignments. I am almost back to being ahead of all that is required. The "cancer" chapter is slowing me down..probably won't get much sleep tonight.

Andrew has been sleeping wonderfully these last few days! Its amazing what a full tummy will do for you. I hate that his preschool has such weird times to feed the kids. He isn't hungry for dinner we he gets home so that sets him back for eating with us and getting to bed on time. He's gotten a little lazy in the bathroom department, so the Commander and I will have to stay on him about that.

Denyce is starting to adjust, starting to see she must pay attention and keep up on everything. We're already trying to get her used to taking responsibility for all her belongings and "remembering" what she needs to do and make sure she gets it done.

Amazing as we stare at the end of September and almost the end of 2010. On Friday the Commander and I will celebrate our 16th Wedding Anniversary. Time has flown but gotten sweeter too! We have so much to be grateful for!

Boot Camp starts up again tomorrow. Must think about my new goals for the fall. I want good ones, realistic ones, not too stressful ones.
Captain out!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Week Four Nursing School supplemental

What an exhausting but exhilarating week! Monday was long as usually but Tuesday in PACU was a blast and very educational. I enjoyed Wednesday in the ER, especially the nurses allowing me to start IVs in them. The staff kept me busy and that's the way I like it.

Working out everyday has really kept me motivated. Unfortunately I had to cancel my membership to the Y since we can't afford it anymore. I'll have to make use of my Wii Fit and exercise tapes more regularly.

Praying for some weight loss before starting the Fall Boot Camp at eDiets.
Captain Out

Monday, September 20, 2010

Week Four Nursing School

Got up at 5 am and got my cardio done. Andrew was up at 2 am and then again at 3 am. We've got to get him on a night time chill-out schedule so we can get some rest every night. We also got to get him to eat more at dinner time.

Class went well today. Great lectures and the quiz wasn't too bad. Must get Paul an extra special present for letting me "experiment" on his arm today. He's a real good guy. Tons of reading to accomplish before bed.
Excited about going to PACU tomorrow.
Might go for another run tomorrow, made me feel really good with the early hours I must keep.
Capt Leichelle

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Boot Camp Week Eight/Week Three 2nd Semester Nursing School

Well this week went pretty good. Monday was my longest day (7:30 am to 6:30 pm) was able to pick my patient with no problems and had a great Tues and Weds on the hospital floor.

Was a little behind in my readings but was able to catch up today while the crew was away.

My goals for Boot Camp were:
A. Goals for Summer 2010 Boot Camp Session:

(1) Lose 10 pounds Lost 6

(2) Stick to my exercise schedule getting up at 5 am makes the difference

(3) Prepare a healthy recipe for the family once a week Working on it still, family did better these last 4 weeks

(4) 40 pushups and help my daughter do 20 pushups I can do 30 so I am almost there

I'm glad I stuck in there with Boot Camp after school started. It really made the difference.
The next session start at the end of September. Looking forward to the next round!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Boot Camp Week Seven/Week Two 2nd Semester Nursing School Continued..

What a week! Denyce survived her first week of middle school, as did the rest of us. Finally got some patients on Wednesday and it was nice to start getting back into the swing of things. A bit depressing on Thursday night, the subject matter was quite heavy but survived and got a 10/10 on my quiz.

Friday was a full day. Didn't get my workout in since I was a "nice person" and handled the new phones. In 5 months we'll separate and Steve will be free of some of his burdens.

DJ and I had a great time at the John P Kee concert, we didn't get home till almost 1 AM. Been a long time since I've been out that late. Was able to get up at 5 AM to get her up and headed back toward Long Beach and a clinical she needed to attend. I am sure she'll sleep good once she get's home.

Did pretty good with my eating and I'm actually on track with my minutes for exercise. We'll see if I lost any weight on weigh-in day.

Time for the Captain to start back to the studying.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Boot Camp Week Seven/Week Two 2nd Semester Nursing School

Had really great workouts this past weekend, which made a big different. Getting used to being up at 5 AM and still seem to not need any coffee!! Yea!!

Lost another pound, just need to keep kicking up a few notches!

Slow day at the hospital since they closed the floor we were supposed to be working. Hopefully we'll have some patients tomorrow so we can stay on track for our hours. It was interesting shadowing other department nurses.

As far as my assignments and reading I'm trying to stay on track and maybe a little ahead so not to get to evil during the middle of the semester. The key seems to be to review, review, review.

Lieutenant Denyce's first day of middle school seemed to go well. It will take some adjusting as she get used to being responsible for her own schedule and taking on track to get her assignments done. She and the Commander will workout beam in and out sites that she'll be comfortable with. Seems the new schedule will work out fine for the crew.

Time for a workout on the holodeck.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Boot Camp Week Six/Week One 2nd Semester Nursing School

Stardate 201003.9: Survived week one of back to school, though extremely tired. Tons of work that must be completed each week. Did really good with getting up at 5 am on Mon-Weds. Got good workouts in on Mon-Weds but with Denyce orientation on Thursday, kinda dropped the ball on staying on track with exercise. Did very good with food, no sneaking though I did think about it.

Trying to keep my readings under control. Taking notes as I read might prove beneficial this semester with all that must be ingested quickly and thoroughly.

Feeling confident the crew will adapt quickly to the new changes coming next week. It should definitely help me with keeping a schedule and staying on track.

Enjoyed Nanny McPhee Returns with Denyce and some family time relaxing.
Just remain motivated!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Boot Camp Week Five

Captain's Log Stardate: 201008.27
Well halfway through Boot Camp and I've lost 3 pounds. Lost some momentum as had to get things arranged and rearranged. Vaccinations all complete and I am clear to enter the new planetary system. Things should be smoother from now on.

The crew has yet to switch to the new schedule. Will enforce compliance next week before Lt Denyce begins her new program and responsibilities. Her orientation will be on Thursday.

All my supplies have been delivered and in the next day or so will pick up the necessary scantrons. Plenty of memory available on the computer and all nutritional supplements are on hand.

New hairstyle will allow a bit more flexibility on time, one less thing to do in the morning.
Finished my holonovel, just need to write an epilogue and finished reading everything I wanted to read for the summer.

It has been a great summer. Looking forward to an exciting Fall!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Boot Camp Week Four

Captain's Log 201008.19: The weather has turned very hot and I am not feeling motivated to do much exercising. Only going into the office three times a week but getting much done as we get ready for the transition. The Commander finished his sheds and we've given away or discarded much of the toddler toys Ensign Andrew no longer uses.

Ordered all my books for the semester and great prices. Going to be a very full semester. Must start preparing for the quiz I have to take on the second day of classes. Start early and stay prepared seems to be the way to survive this semester.

Not losing any weight but thankful that not gaining. Almost done writing my book and I've enjoyed ready my 25+ Star Trek Voyager books. Gave me just the rest I needed after last semester. Looking forward to my PC game Elite Force.

Next week my schedule will change again and I will only work on Fridays. Will do a trial run to the hospital to make sure I leave at the right time to get there on time. Not looking forward to getting up early!

Time to get all my schedules together.
End Transmission

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Boot Camp Week Three

Captain's Log Stardate 201008.14: Another week has come and gone and the excitement grows as we get closer to school starting. Thankful that our trips to Planet Las Vegas in the Nevada system and Disneyland in the Anaheim system didn't cause me to gain any weight. My back is still bothering and I know I should see the Doctor for a remedy but I have so many other things to tend to at the moment.

I have only five more Star Trek Voyager books to read and one short story to be caught up on the series. Will begin my Star Wars holonovels soon. Enjoying some Deveraux and Grisham in the meantime, always good to do something different every now and then.

Started buying my required books for the fall semester. Amazing how expensive everything is on top of tuition. Thankful I've been able to get some great deals at eBay and other book websites. I should only have to buy my syllabus now and a new binder. Now that my room is all organized and changed around I'll have room for all my new study tools.

Will try to list some more items on eBay. I must be careful about the shipping but otherwise it was great to sell some things and help Admiral Mom out. Hope to have my new communicator so that will make blogging, tweeting and facebooking more simplistic.

Okay time to finish the laundry so I can make sure to get some exercise done today.
Captain Out.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Planet Las Vegas Away Mission

Captain's Log Stardate 201008.6: Lt Commander DuJuana, Ensign Andrew, Lt Denyce and I left at 0930 for Las Vegas, Nevada. Temperatures were 112 without humidity. After one pitstop in Baker for lunch we safely arrived to our destination in 4 1/2 hours. Ms Sharon our hostess had everything prepared for our arrival and treated us to a yummy spaghetti dinner.

At 2100 hours we went to the main drag to do some site seeing. Temperatures had dropped to a mere 108 degrees. We visited Treasure Island, the Mirage, and the Bellagio. We drove by New York, New York, Paris, the MGM, Excalibur, the Luxor and the Venetian. We returned to our lodging at midnight to some much needed rest.

Saturday At 0700 hours Ensign Andrew and I decided to get up and get going. Leaving the Lieutenants behind we arrived at the Hilton for the Star Trek Convention. We missed breakfast with the Voyager crew but we did some minor shopping and were able to enjoy hearing Jeri Ryan, Garrett Wang, Robert Picardo, Tim Russ, Jennifer Lien, Scarlett Powers and Ethan Phillips. Greatly enjoyed listening to Jon Povill, an associate producer on Star Trek The Motion Picture. It was great to see these very talented individuals. You could tell they enjoyed working with one another and still shared that wonderful chemistry. The jokes they told and the ribbing of each other was hilarious.
Just need to find a nice frame for my autographed picture of the Voyager crew.

At 1700 hours we reunited with the rest of the away team and enjoyed a delicious dinner buffet at Harrah's. We then walked a bit to work of the large dinner, enjoying the sites and sounds. We were in bed by 2230 hours.

Sunday we began to pack our gear and prepare for the trip back to normal space. Our hostess invited us to brunch at the House of Blues where we were able to feast and enjoy her musical ministry. After heartfelt farewells we turned our ship toward home at 1230 hours. Due to tremendous traffic we arrived in the Long Beach System at 1800 hours. After a brief respite with Commodore and Admiral Ware we left for the San Diego System arriving back at base just under 2 hours.

The away team was a bit tired but energized from a great time, though the crew is not missing the weather.

I made sure to make healthy choices as much as possible. Didn't eat too much on the days we went to the buffets. Did a large amount of water drinking and walking everywhere, though tiring, was a plus.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Boot Camp Week Two

Food week went very well even with going to Disneyland. Even though exercise is slow going everything else is falling into place. Looking forward to a nice long weekend away wiht the kids and my sister. This should be interesting. Captain Out.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Captian's Log Stardate 20103.8

The surprise for Lt Denyce went great! She was completely surprised. She did not realize where we were going until we approached the planet. We arrived as the D planet at 0730 and were able to enter once we got the entrance protocols cleared up. The first stop I, Lt Commander DuJuana and Lieutenants Denyce and Isaiah made was to section Space Mountain. Though it has nothing on Warp it was still quite thrilling. We then enjoyed other mountains such as Thunder and Matterhorn. We enjoyed seeing a holonovel entitled Captian EO where the song gets stuck in your head for hours later. I'm still humming "We are hear to save the world!" I do know that if I had behaved like that as a captain, Starfleet would have kicked me out. We relaxed underwater on a submarine named Scout. I did notice that there was one named Voyager, it would have been intriguing to see if it lived up to that name. We checked out an unique gentleman by the name of Indiana Jones, who seemed to get in the most unsettling trouble. Lt Commander DJ and Lt Isaiah decided to check on some Pirates of the Caribbean while Lt Denyce and I tackled the mysterious Indiana Jones again. We crossed over to the province of California Adventure and received something called a Fast Pass to gain entrance to an event later in the day. We enjoyed such diversions as California Scream, Mulholland Drive, Soaring over California and Silly Symphony Swings.

In the evening the inhabitants treated us to a amazing spectacle of lights, water, fire and sound. The World of Color was beautiful, moving and inspiring. We were then treated to some old fashion 21st century fireworks that brought our away mission to a close on a positive note. Though the away team was tired and stuffed from all the wonderful delicacies to sample we all left with a smile on our faces, just like when we arrived.
The away mission was success and the inhabitants proved most friendly with all the different species visiting their planet. This planet would provide hours of enjoyment for the crew the next time we are set for some shore leave.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Boot Camp Week Two

Barely survived week one. Can't blame it on the heat..just too much I want to do and not getting as much accomplished as I like. Greatful for the quick get-aways I've got coming this week. I need some fun memories in my databank before school starts. Though the Commander making pancakes every Saturday has been bring a smile to my lips every weekend.

Almost time for Lt Denyce's surprise! Hard to believe she will be 11 on Tuesday. Time indeed does fly. Gonna try and get some exercise in before the weekend gets out of hand. Still hoping to stop by the Hilton and get some Star Trek Action on Saturday. We'll see.
Captain Out.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Captain's Personal Log Supplemental 201030.7

What a busy day but very productive. Was pleasantly surprised to learn that while I'll be in Las Vegas the Star Trek Convention will be also going on. Haven't quite made up my mind if I'm going to go or not. I'll have Ensign Andrew accompanying me and I don't want to overwhelm him on his first major away mission.

Lack of sleep last night, someone didn't know how to turn off their house alarm so it went off for 30 mins, was sluggish and didn't get my exercises done. I'll have to do make ups this weekend on the holodeck.
Did well with my food choices, decided the messhall needed to have taco night and my shrimp tacos hit the spot.
Getting excited about Lieutenant Denyce's surprise in 4 days!
I love being the Captain!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Boot Camp Week One Continued

Today was a bit of a sluggish day for the crew. Ensign Andrew kept "sleep walking" so none of the crew got any rest last night, leaving us out of sorts today. Lieutenant Denyce did get some things accomplished and was a big help today. As the environment controls register warmer weather we'll convert the holodeck to a pool and enjoy keeping cool in the backyard scene.

The leaders of my Boot Camp Group are on vacation and left me in charge until they get back. So far so good. Got in 30 mins of exercise and looking forward to doing some strength training tomorrow. Will do an official weigh in on Saturday to see the damage from the past month. Hurting my knee and catching a summer cold really but me behind on my schedule. Not going to let it get me down. Some progress is better than none.
Good Night

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Captain's Personal Log Supplemental 201028.7

The day started as usual, a little tired from the workout in holodeck one yesterday but energized to start a new day. Enjoyed Toy Story 3 in holodeck two and a quiet lunch in the mess hall with some of the crew. Looking forward to the surprise for Lt Denyce's birthday. Nothing new on sensors so will enjoy this quiet time. Actually I better go do my workout while the holodeck is vacant or will wind up going to sleep in my quarters.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Boot Camp Week One

Captain's Personal Log: Stardate 201007.26: Boot Camp has started. I've be placed in a group called the Wildcats. 8 weeks to get things moving toward a new me, or should I say a healthier me. I've included the the crew in my undertaking to help keep me accountable and on track.
It's water week. We must focus on water and drinking the required amount. Assignments are to make our goals and stay three reasons why water is good for us.
Finally got all paperwork situated with Starfleet. It will be a full semester, 18 units, but I know the Commander and the crew will pull through.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Another Day in the Diet Quadrant

Ensign Andrew seems to be doing better but can't seem to knock the cough. The Commander is enjoying Comicon and I've been doing horribly in the exercise department. Tomorrow will try to a walk to help get things going again.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Exercise is slow going

With Ensign Andrew ill it has been a challenge sticking to a exercise schedule and with Lieutenant Denyce out of school keeping her occupied has equally been filling my time. Must get back on the "bike" so I can be healthy for my family and my patients.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Captain's Log Supplemental

Glad the work week has come to an end, not that work is every done on a starship. Our next stop at a M-class planet in the Long Beach System should prove rewarding to the crew.

The writing is coming along great. Some revisions here and there and I should have a great collection under my belt. Not that it would ever be published or anything.

Everyone has been getting in gear for getting in shape. The ensigns really enjoy rhythmic Kung Fu. Longer rest means an effective day.

Will wrap this day up with some quiet time with the Commander.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Captain's Log Stardate 201010.6

Well its another day in the Diet Quadrant and things are calm. Got a great cardio workout and I am looking forward to doing some boxing and some rhythm kung fu. Here's to getting rid of the extra natural padding!!
Captain Out.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Let the Weight Loss Begin

Stress is a killer! Ever since I started nursing school I've had stress almost as my constant companion. I hate that I have become a part time wife and mother. I'm on hiatus from my affair with my studies so its nice to be a family person again.
Now I can work on this weight. I think I'm heavier this year than last year when I went to my high school reunion.
Alas, this time has come to get rid of this extra natural padding. If I'm going to be a health professional and give my patients advice I need to make sure I'm walking the healthy straight and narrow. Sometimes that's easier said than done. My brain would rather sit and study and study some more than get a good cardio workout.
Well if I want to change things, I've to change my mind first. So here we go.....
Red Alert....Battle Stations!!
Captain Leichelle