Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Spring 2011 2nd Semester Do Over Week Two

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Personal Log Stardate 2011012.6
On Monday it was weird being in a class of over 125 persons.  I am going to appreciate my small clinical group on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  I will try to have a good attitude but I am just not at the point where I can forgive my teacher.  He really had me thinking he would work with me and was on the fence on whether to move me on or not.  Depression and despondency have tried to become constant companions.  I know eventually I will have to forgive and let it go, but the pain is still too fresh and the wound much too deep.

On Tuesday my carpool buddy thought we have left in enough time to get to the VA for our orientation but unfortunately 8 AM seems to be the time that everyone goes to work or school so we were late by 5 minutes.  The progressed well but I never want to be late ever again, especially after learning that someone failed clinical after being tardy.  I still don't have my access codes or passwords.  I'm a little excited about starting to treat patients.  I am going to put this time to good use and really solidify my skills and become a very strong nurse.  We've already been assigned group activities and I am hopeful that we will do well in all we need to turn in.  I am little excited about next Tuesday and the starting of my EKG class but I am not looking forward to the very long day and losing my exercise time.  At least it is only for 5 weeks.

On Wednesday my carpool buddy and I got to the VA early, we were the first one on the floor.  I'll try to remember to bring things to read from now on.  I shadowed a very independent nurse and it was nice getting to see how the computer system works and how entering in data was great experience.  After some post conference directions, we learned how to use the glucometer and the administration finally got their act together and I received my access codes and user id.  That really worked out because if I had not received my codes I would have had to wait until 5 pm when the rest of the class got to the VA to have one of them sign me in and then I could use the computers to look up my patient information. 

I have my first assignment due on Sunday.  My goal is to finish it by Friday, all my assignments for the future too, so that I don't miss the Sunday Midnight deadline.  I've decided to do it as computer logs just to keep it interesting.  I still have decided if I want to disclose my failure yet or not.

Getting in some great exercise: Mon- 30 mins cardio, Tues- 19 mins strength training, Weds- 54 mins. (27 cardio and 27 strength).  After class tomorrow I'll pick Denyce up early (she's going to the opera) and get my workout in during the afternoon while she's doing homework.  I am going to have to really pay attention to what I eat.  My glucose level was 147!  All I had was two cookies with salad and oranges.  I didn't even eat any ice cream yesterday.  The scale wasn't my friend either but at this point I am going by how my clothes feel and not any particular number.

It has been a long day, but a good day.  Time to do so reading and then shut down the "super computer."
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Friday, January 21, 2011

Spring 2011 2nd Semester Do Over Week One

Captain's Personal Log Stardate: 201101.21
Things have been slowly but surely starting to fall into place. It has been weird being around fresh 2nd semester cadets, I feel old. Seeing my cohorts on Thursday after FINALLY finding a parking space was a bit emotional. I truly felt like a slacker. This too shall pass. I am dreading having to explain why I am not in my "clinicals" with everyone else. Lord give me strength. I am all compliant and free to work with patients. Was very joyful to learn that my Hep B antibodies are where they need to be. It was a bit unsettling last year to learn I didn't have enough antibodies.

The Commander is underway on is mission and things aren't quite smooth yet, I do know that he will do fine and everything will work out.

Fitness-wise, getting back into the swing of things. Lost 3 pounds so far but I have a lot of ground to cover to make up for my "depression" incident. I want to get withing 20 pounds of my ultimate goal by my birthday. I know I can do it.

Time for a jog on the holodeck.
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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Captain's Personal Log 201101.13

Happy New Year. The Commander has been busy getting ready for his new mission. Crewman Andrew is enjoying preschool and Ensign Denyce is adjusting to middle school life.

This past away mission left me drained and unmotivated. Took some time off to just relax, reflect and get re-motivated. I will not let depression get the best of me. The holodeck and a few good books have been providing a much needed escape but in two weeks it will be back to business of keeping the ship running the way its supposed to run.

Hard to believe I'll have a milestone birthday this year! Gotta make sure I do something special.
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