Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring 2011 2nd Semester Do Over Week Eight-Nine-Ten

Stardate 201104.7
Things at the academy have been quite busy and a little stressful as we march toward the end of the semester.  It seemed everything was due at once.  I am looking forward to just studying for my exam early in April.  My clinical professor has been quite pleased with my work and ask repeatedly asked that I consider being her TA during my fifth semester.  It is a little overwhelming but I am thankful for everything falling into place after such as disastrous semester last year.  I'm trying not to spend so much time with my professors and a bit more with my "new" classmates since I won't be catching up with my original cohorts.  I am a little sad that I won't graduate in May, but hey at least I will graduate in the same year, just fall instead of spring.

I don't always understand my classmates.  They seem to think everything is supposed to be rosy and that is just not realistic.  They don't realize how good we actually have it, compared to my previous clinical experience.  We are at a teaching hospital and the nursing, for the most part, enjoy us and try to teach us how to be stronger nurses.

Finally got back on the exercise train with Zumba and MJ the experience for our Wii.  I am loving it and working up a sweat!  Being able to exercise on my own time really makes a difference and now that I have no more night classes, having my evenings allows me to get a good cool down before bed.

Week Nine
Shore Leave!  This R&R was sorely needed!  Though I made sure to study while sleeping in.  Took cadet Andrew over to Disneyland and CA adventure and we had a great time.  Unfortunately cadet Denyce had not received vacation clearance so she was unable to accompany us.  She wants to keep her perfect attendance so I will have to make sure to do something special for her when I get the free time again.
The Commander's parents came in on Thursday so we're looking forward to visiting with them and his sister Gayle also traveling down for a few days.  On Sunday we got together with everyone, all the nieces and nephews with the adults and had dinner and then brought just Gayle and the inlaws back to the house for a visit.

Week Ten
Back to school for me and cadet Denyce is on vacation.  I hate that there isn't really much for her to do since no one else is on leave like her.  Monday went well, picked my patients just fine and looked forward to being busy.  Tuesday my patients kept me very busy and were very personable.  One got discharged, wished me luck and I had to select another patient.  Wednesday was another good day, a shortened one, and after a sit-down with my professor [who now knows I am a repeat student] I will make sure to write down information I take for other nurses and let them enter in to make sure I provide correct communication.  I want to keep my reputation intact and also I need to make sure I do the right thing as well.  Being busy is never a good enough excuse for missing something or not doing the right thing.  I'll be carrying sticky notes with me from now on so that I hand any and all message to whomever I work with and make sure not to cause or be any trouble. 

Enjoyed dinner with the Commander's parents at VIP and a quiet evening at home.  This weekend it will be all about studying and being prepared for my exam on Monday.  Maybe I can take cadet Denyce to the bookstore to spend her money she received from my mother.
Must get up and do some exercises to keep my brain awake.  Well here's to another week on the journey.
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