Saturday, May 30, 2015

Oh My Goodness!

Has it truly been that long since I've been here! Time is indeed flying way too fast! Since writing my last post in May 2013 I have not only completed Mark and Monique's story, Finders Keepers, I went back to school and got my Master's, cue Pomp and Circumstance again please, and in a few weeks I'll launch a sultry summer romance at FictionPress.
My newest story is Love Undetected.

Camille Wilson
Devoted her life to being a wife and mother, she felt she had it all.
When the one closest to her betrays her trust, she is believes she will never love again

Marshall Price
Cynical private detective that is never wrong. Infidelity is a given in his book and true love does not exist. He takes a new case and discovers being wrong might just be the right thing for his heart.

Also this summer I'll be sharing Hot Eye Candy Summer. Each day we'll celebrate the handsome men in the world that we enjoy on the big and small screen. Hot! Hot! Hot! Whew I'm almost sweating now!
Happy Reading!