Thursday, May 9, 2013

Cue Pomp and Circumstance Please

So my life had been a whirlwind within a whirlwind.  I've been writing up a storm but haven't been able to go back and do any editing. Its been driving me crazy, especially since I had hoped to have chapters 8 and 9 out for Finders Keepers. Thanks for bearing with me.

Graduation is just 8 days away and I finally had to pull things back a bit and just enjoy the moments.  And indeed I am having a lot of great moments!!  I look forward to addressing my fellow graduates in a week and for the first time in my life I have to keep it under 5 minutes!!! Lord give me strength.

Many of you know I had released #SatinHighlands early, wasn't supposed to come out until May 15th but everything had fallen into place and I let it go.  I enjoyed revisiting the actual places I had been to while in Europe and I hope to not let to much time pass before I visit again.  I don't think my passport will ever get dusty.

I've finally recovered from not being able to make it to Kansas City for the Romantic Times Convention. Next year!!!  It was good to see the tweets and FB updates on the events.  So much happening, I am glad I have someone helping me keep up and organize my schedule.

Went to a lovely wedding last weekend and I am still glowing from it! I had such a great time I wish we were doing it again this weekend! I'm such a romantic, I am pitiful and there is no hope for me. The smile has become permanent.

Okay let me get back to Mark and Monique because one of my favorite authors has a new book out and I have got to get my hands on it!!
Happy Reading!!!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

I didn't mean to...honestly I didn't!!

It truly did not set out to write stories that were interconnected.  I really didn't.  I started having so much fun creating the supporting characters, some of them warranted stories of their own.  Now that Satin Highlands is out, and can stand alone, I will move a little more quickly when the next four books to not keep everyone hanging too long.  I indeed understand when I wait for books from some of my favorite authors.

In Seductive Satin I'll bring back my favorite FBI Peter Grambling and will finally deal with the the villain John Kennedy once and for all.  So many of you have expressed wanting to see him get his come upins. 

Will I tell Corinne and Angus' love story?  As of right now the answer is no.  My main focus will be to give you Marcas and Krya story and then bring you what's going on with the secretive Sydney, where I'll bring back Eric and Daila to help their friend.

Okay vacation time. Happy Reading!!!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

And we're off...

I've been enjoying my vacation and it's a little funny how when you're supposed to be resting you're actually busy.  I finished the outline for Finders Keepers and I hope to release the next four chapters soon.  Mark and Monique have been a pleasure and because I'm doing this mostly for my Fictionpress peeps I have been having a lot of fun.  No pressure, no deadlines, just creativity.  Not that my other works aren't creative too but there is something about different about making mud pies versus real pies.  I know most of you'll will be like "Leichelle you can't eat mud pies at least with a real pie you can eat it."  Yea I get it and I understand but when making mud pie, its always perfect whether you follow the recipe or not.  Not going to happen if you want to make an edible pie.  Enough of that or I'll fall of my weight loss wagon.

Recently I've been working toward reading through the works of all who follow me on Twitter. Its a challenge, especially if they've written more that one book and I want to get through my "small" list before it grows! There are so many awesome writers out there! I strive to make each subsequent story I write better than the last to keep up with the amazing company of individuals I find myself in. I am humbled each time I turn a page.

Alas you girl still hasn't decided on whether or not to get a Kindle or Nook.  I was even considering getting a iPad but I'm so not motivated by technology right now.  I still like going to the story and trying things on.  Of course once I get rid of my extra natural padding I'm really going to have a good time.

The exercising is going great.  I really like Zumba, I may not get all the moves down but I do move and shaking my groove thang has never been a problem!  Okay time to go tackle a hard assignment, "What's for dinner?"

Happy Reading!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Wish I Could Give Everyone 6 Stars!

While I'm in copy-editing mode I've been enjoying reading the works of the authors who follow me on Twitter. You know its a good, great story when you tell  yourself only one chapter and read two, you talk to and fuss at the characters, you laugh (out loud), tear up or cry, jump up and down and cheer, throw the book across the room (or slam closed the laptop) and then retrieve it so you can see what happens next. I'd "@" all followers if I could but I'm not wanting to type any more, I need to get back to reading!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

March Madness

March is moving way too fast! Satin Highlands is in post production mode and while developing stories for Cinaed's brother Marcas and Haylee's friends Daila and Sydney I am in the process of developing new series, non-romance, about a nursing student.  Having fun fleshing it out, so to speak.

Okay time to watch Body of Proof I DVRed last night. Really love that show!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy First Day of Spring!

Well the month of March is quickly passing me by.  I've had to spend the past couple of weeks handling my  other interests, so I am dreadfully behind on my posts.

But I didn't despair.  Got together with my best friend of 35 years and had a wonderful afternoon.  It was so enjoyable reliving some of our childhood memories and funny antics.  I love how much more colorful I have become.  I can say I have learned not to rush and let things happen when they are supposed to happen.

Looking forward to working on the garden.  My roses have missed me.  Might try planting something new this spring....we'll see.

Okay back to writing. Have a great remainder of the week!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Update for March 5, 2013

As I prepare to launch Satin Highlands I am excited to share the twists and turns that Haylee and Cinaed put me through. They are a great couple and helped me set the stage for the stories I'll tell of their siblings Melody and Marcas, in two different stories.  The reread is going well and I hope to put the red pen away soon.

Marcas' story is even more challenging with the time travel element.  The late 1800s have taken a great deal of thankful for my in house historian!!  I'm a little sad to leave all the Scottish slang behind.  I guess its time, no one is understanding me anymore anyway.

Melody's story will be a bit grittier, she is after all a cop and has to deal with some dangerous and evil things.  If I was a Sci-Fic writer I'd make them the first married Captain and First Officer.  Gotta do more digging into the lives of police officer couples.  Yes they do exist.

Okay back to work for me...I giggle each time I say that.
Happy Reading!!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Updates for March 3, 2013

Today I spent some time with Monique and George "Mark" today (Finders Keepers).  Trying to decide just where I want this couple to take us.  Many of you have asked me about Mark's memory.  I've been asking some of my physician friends about amnesia and its affects.  No two patients are the same or even respond to treatment in the same way.  So just how far I'll be going with Mark....hmm well you'll just have to keep reading to see.  Although I won't be giving the handsome Dr. Drake Mann his own story, I am having fun with him as Mark settles in to the house.

As I prepare for Cinaed and Haylee to join your libraries, I have been finishing the outline for Cinaed's brother Marcas.  Time travel fascinates and aggravates me to no end...sounds like a good man!!
Anyway taking my time with that research because I want my Star Trek friends to be happy with me once done.

For my Fanfiction fans, I am almost done with the outline for Batman and Mrs. Bruce Wayne's return.  This one has been a challenge, especially when trying to fix it to "when" they come back and making sure they don't know the future.  So look for that real soon.

Did anyone do anything for Read Across America on Friday?  I pulled out everything Dr. Seuss and we had a small reading party.  I love trying out different voices when reading some of our favorites.  No matter what your interests, keeping encouraging our younger generations to read.
Happy Reading All.
Leichelle signing out.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Say "Aah"

Well its been a little over two weeks since I finally started breathing and was able to truly focus on Satin Highlands.  It has been an unending quest to make sure the timeline adds up and I've got everyone's name correct.

In the meantime, I have been having fun outlining a new fanfiction I hope to do on Batman and I've been toying around with a Star Trek Voyager idea.....

A new chapter for Finders Keepers will be posted soon!
Happy Reading!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Dark Knight Returns

So I've been putting the finishing touches on the returns of BruceWayne/Batman and his Mrs. for some time this summer.  Memoirs was my first attempt at fanfiction and I am finding not only do I enjoy reading it and I am having a blast writing it.

One of the challenging parts has been how to have them return.  Well it came to me, finally, about 3 am and i was putting my son back to bed for the fourth time and wham I had the perfect vehicle to get them back to the present.

Still trying to work it out as to whether to keep it short or have it go on for a bit, similar to how comics never seem to end just get a new story.  As much as I love Batman I don't know if I can maintain a long-term writing relationship with him.

Time will tell.  But as I always say, the world always has a need for Batman.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Getting Educated..

One of the great things I love about writing is the research. I didn't always feel that way, especially when doing school papers, but with the fast access we have to information I am enjoying the process.  As I look at the past, I wonder if I could have survived, or fit in during that time.  How different would my life be?  Would I be experiencing the same amount of joy that I have now?  No I don't need to have a Back to the Future moment or experience to make me thankful for what I have, but it would be a bit intriguing.

As I tangle with my latest couple, time travel and the issues of that time, I found myself drawn to more current issues.  I spent a good portion of the day just looking up individuals from days long gone and wondered what has their divining rod that go them going and kept them encouraged even in the true threat of danger.

Laws and regulations are nice sentiment but they will never change hearts.  People have to want to love and accept each other.  We must stop raising up a generation of whiners, or not raising our children to be appreciative and thankful.  They are not entitled to anything.  Many do not know what it means to live on the run or be hungry or scared someone is going to snatch you at any moment.  We have become too desensitized by our technology/entertainment we no long feel for people.

May we not forget we are part of the human race, First and then all the other differences are meant to make the world vibrant and sweeter.  Not separate us and think more highly of ourselves than we ought to.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sat. Jan. 12, 2013 What is up with some people?

Took a breather from studying and as I was going through my email I saw an advertisement for a romance novel for ninety-nine cents and thought I'd take a look.  Although I am not looking for anything new to read (my nightstand is very ready for me to lighten its load once I finish with licensing) I was intrigued by the cover of the book. 

Although this wasn't one of those experiences where the comments below the article are more entertaining than the article, I was pulled in for a different reason.  I am going to pass on buying the book (this time),but I did read the reviews for the book.  From there I started reading reviews for other books that I had purchased (some read, others I am going to read).  I was greatly surprised by some of the reviews.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I have learned to be professionally courteous when I make comments about others' work, either you like it or you don't but some of the attacks are senseless.

I was a bit shocked by the very long comment one person wrote and they were only leaving a one star rating for the story.  I would think an email to the author would have been better.  Why go through all that trouble just to voice you didn't like someone's work?  I just don't understand why some people behave that way, especially since they do not have to.  Do they think the author is going to rewrite their work to appease them?  Not going to happen.  Good honest mistakes are one thing but people are getting beside themselves with some of their reviews.  Makes me wonder if they are even real.

I know not all I write will be liked or enjoyed but I am more receptive to an respective reader with a thoughtful comment than a commenter with their own agenda.  I won't be reading anymore reviews for a while.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy New Year?

Well things started out good and then promptly hit the fan.  Well, not quite that bad but bad enough.  My laptop harddrive died and needed replacement.  I just wasn't up to buying a new laptop this year.  THEN the tech wasn't able to reinstall Windows on it, Thanks Toshiba and Microsoft for costing me more money!!
I should get the software sometime during the third week of January, so I am still without my laptop.  Thankfully I did back everything up and I can still work on my books and writing will I wait.
I hate waiting!!