Saturday, July 27, 2019

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Happy Summer

I do hope you all are doing well! I have been too busy for even write down my words but I am happy this new chapter is coming to an end and I can start a new one! Enjoy life! Happy Reading!!

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Christian Erotica??

This group is on Goodreads. Very interesting discussion. Refreshing look at love and the way God intended sensuality between the man and the woman.

This group is for the purpose of helping to encourage and promote those who have been called to write erotica from a Christian perspective. Yes, it is possible to write erotica and be a Christian. Sometimes humans have a way of forgetting that it was God who created the reality of an orgasm and all the stuff leading up to it as well as after. It's time to end Christian sexual repression and be honest about the sensuality that is inherent to life and meant for men and women to enjoy with each other.

From the author:
Author of Erotic Christian Fiction

Up till now only half the story has been written and so now it's time to read everything and not just what many have found acceptable. The truth and love itself are not bound by man, but are timeless and should be shared in full and so I write the whole story.

Sincerely, Aedan Sayla - also writing as Frank Carlyle

Read a Free Erotic Story, A Rebel's Persuasion, at my website to see what you think of Erotic Christian Fiction.