Monday, October 31, 2011

Captain's Personal Log Stardate October 2011

I find it amazing that the month is over. This particular semester is moving so fast. I am amazed and having a great time! I am so looking forward to graduation next year and working full-time in Labor and Delivery. Pediatrics is still going well but my heart hurts each rotation. I was honored to be a part of each of the children's lives I worked with...but I do know that Peds is not my calling. The crying would either jade me or depress me. OB is another conversation...I can't wait to get to the hospital each rotation. I come alive and I can't wait to see what family I get to be there for.

I think I am in full bloom. Speaking of which, no that all the "errors" have been caught and repaired, Sudden Bloom is doing quite well, especially on Kindle! I love Allain and David, so much that they now have their own Twitter accounts. Of course this leads me to introduce Vanessa Kennedy and Jack Stillman. Oh I am having so much fun with them. Love's Shelter is taking shape and I am having a great time bring them together. I have a total of five to six couples I am working with. I just need to cool my jets until after finals so start bringing their adventures in love and other drama to life.

My weight loss is on a plateau right now...once I get past these two exams I hope to kick things up a notch or two. Hopefully...I'm missing my jogging and the Commander is starting to catch up to my scores!

This had been a great month. I am very thankful for all my blessings, every one!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Captain's Log Stardate October 23, 2011Supplemental

What a week! Between studying, attending meetings, finishing resume and applying for a job its amazing I have time left to brush my teeth! I'm barely sleeping but we captains seem to be able to function on just a few hours here and there. I am loving every minute. I want to study, I want to get the information second nature and succeed.

Everyone I requested as a reference said yes, not that I had any doubts but giving out someone phone number can be a big thing.

I am finally out of money. I had hoped to not stress the Commander until December but it looks like that's not going to happen. Might have to do some quick writing very soon to be more of an help. Avon is just not helping right now. After my 3 exams I might need to pick the pen up again and get some things submitted. Not going to let it get me down...this too shall pass.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Captain's Log Stardate October 2011Supplemental

Nursing school continues to be a great level of stress and enjoyment. Writing papers isn't a "high" but being able to work with some great nurses and taking care of patients more than makes up for it. I'm getting a little nervous about my first OB exam coming up but I do hope to do well. The following week I have two more exams...the middle of the semester is usually the busiest. Had my first evaluation for OB and did well. I know my confidence level is increasing.

My workouts are not very strong right mind is just not there. I am sticking with my healthy eating and drinking my water but my brain wants to study not workout. I think once the heavier assignments are behind me I can put more focus on my workouts and not feel guilty about it.

Sudden Bloom had some challenging moments...proof reading is so VITAL to telling a story...makes a difference between a good story and a great story. I've lost a lot of sleep and probably street cred by not double checking before uploading. Not again! I will handle Jack and Vanessa with the upmost care.

Still not getting the Twitter stuff...I mean some people have 8000+...I mean really!? How in the world do you keep them interested? My life is interesting but there's not "drama"..I've still got some time before my daughter's hormones drives us all crazy..then my life will spiral in a new direction.

Must sleep 0600 comes first these days.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Captain's Log Stardate October 2011

Yes it has been awhile but keeping a crew and ship together just takes time and making sure I am up to speed on all new Star Fleet protocols takes even more time...I thought we were supposed to be Green and saving paper yet that seems to be all I filter through lately is more and more paper and then writing on paper reports that are needed at sometimes absurd deadlines.

The Commander and I celebrated #17 on the First and it was a great day. We are sometimes amazed at how quickly time passes! We look forward to getting away when this mission is over.

Alas that is all for now...want to get my outbox fuller than my inbox than maybe I can get back to concentrating on my exercise. I want to make my goal this month!