Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Captain's Log Stardate 201109.28

Preparing for first 2 exams of the semester...trying not to stress too bad.

My latest couple, I'll call them V&J, have been hard to ignore recently. They are so ready for their love story to be read. They are driving me crazy. With all they are going through to be together, they better stay together! I might have to escape to the holodeck to give myself some peace.

Looking forward to a good run tomorrow after exams.....

Monday, September 26, 2011

Captain's Log Stardate 201109.26 Supplemental

The weekend was nice, quiet. Got tons of reading done, though I can't seem to focus my mind on my studies at the moment...I think I'm nervous about the first exams coming up.

Started reading Kindred by Octavia E. Butler...of course I can't seem to put it down! I'm hiding it from myself until after exams.

Trying to be patient as I wait for reviews of Sudden Bloom. Good or Bad I am glad to have written it and I look forward to telling my next story. Almost done with the outline!

Okay time to do some cardio...Ugg!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Captain's Log Stardate 201109.23 Supplemental

A Taste Of Freedom, a historical fiction - by LeichelleK

A Historical fiction. Story summary: In Pre Civil War times, some Southern slave owners engaged in different types of experimentation on their slaves. This story is about 6 slaves, Joseph, Ruth, Esther, Isaiah, Hezekiah and Jeremiah and the adventure that would change their lives.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Captain's Log Stardate 201109.22

Sudden Bloom is now available in paperback! (Kindle version) (paperback)
Here is a description:
Allain Krisson didn't expect to lose her best friend and become a mother at twenty but that was the path her life had taken. Now she is an accomplished woman, a math professor that had raised three children on her own. She had always put her children first and was glad to skip much of the dating drama many single mothers have to deal with while trying to find love. She was ready for love and to be loved Maybe. Allain wouldn't mind a good, strong "brother" to spend her days with and sizzle her nights but at forty she just wants someone, anyone to share her life. Maybe. Her past experience with men had left her either heartbroken or cynical. Did she really want male drama in her life? She had enough drama with her college students each semester. Set up on a blind date by one of her children she is immediately taken with the handsome Australian. Their romance blossoms faster than Spring flowers after the thaw and she soon realizes that all that she ever wanted may be right before her.

David Haydon didn't expect to be divorced, disillusioned and lonely. Coming from a world renowned family he thought his life was the perfect picture of happiness. His artwork was the toast of the art world but even with all his success he was not happy. Feeling insecure after his failed first marriage he questions if he is truly ready to love and live again. Would he be able to find someone that would want to know him for the man he is and not for what his name and status can do for them? Used to the finer things in life, David abandons it all to fly under the radar by taking a position at a small software company doing graphic art. He soon befriends a coworker only to be set up on a blind date with his new friend's mother. Allain stirs in him emotions he had only imagined about while idolizing the relationship and passion his parents shared. Could this beautiful woman be the one to complete him? Can he forgive himself and be the man she needs? His love for Allain ignite like dry kindling in a Outback drought during the summer. Will their sudden bloom of love be enough to sustain a lasting love that will last for all time?

Captain's Log Stardate 201109.18 Supplemental

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Captain's Log Stardate 201109.18 Supplemental

Where in the world did the month go! I must be half in and half out of some weird time anomaly that is driving things crazy.

The Commander is still adjusting to his new shuttle, the Saturn and I am trying to adjust to my new schedule period. Did so much ripping and running last week I got more than my share of exercise in.

Exercise score: 75

New book in the works score: 100

All the away missions left me tons of time to think and make plans for my next books. Trying to get back on track with exercise. I need to help me keep thinking after all that sitting!
Time to get the crew ready for the new week.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Captain's Log Stardate 201109.13 Supplemental

Who stole my twinkies...oh wait I don't eat twinkies.
Got the okay on my revisions for Sudden Bloom and now I'm just waiting for it to arrive and give it my thumbs up.

Today I tweeted: Anticipation is intoxicating and it is! Its kinda helping me stay motivated and though I'm behind on EVERYTHING...darn blackout last week, I am still being productive and getting things done.

I am having a challenging time coming up with 5 measurable goals for Leadership U that I am now involved in. Along with my 15 clinical hours I must complete at the end of the semester I must also complete 45 hours in leadership. Anything to help that ole resume.

I ate so healthy today I felt lighter, parking 1/2 a mile away from class is helping too. I will be glad when the temp goes down a bit so I don't have to be so sweaty!

Okay I hear my books calling my name I must answer.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Captain's Log Stardate 201109.11 Supplemental

Well did horribly in the "organized" exercise section. Just couldn't quite get everything situated so I could workout. Of course the Blackout on Thursday through a wrench in things so some things had to be made up on Friday. I am planning on success this week. No excuses.

School is going, I am a bit overwhelmed with all I must complete but I think once the videos that are required are done I should have more time to just study and review.

Sudden Bloom, paperback version, has officially been proofread and reworked to my satisfaction. I guess I will have to invest in an editor eventually. So far 11 Kindle versions have been purchased and I am excited about writing and completing another novel soon. I would love to have tea with Deveraux, Garwood and Moning. So many questions and ideas!

Here's to an awesome new week!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Captain's Log Stardate 201109.7 Supplemental

The weather has just been plain weird. Rain on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday that gives way to 100 temperatures in the afternoon. The A/C at school is turning us into popsicles and then we melt on the way to our cars after class.

On Tues I was able to watch 3 of the required movies and get some reading done for my Women's Health Class.
Today I went in to the Media lab for 4 hours and polished off 5 movies and printed my powerpoints for Thurs. Still waiting on one of our group members to turn his Norms in. I hate group work sometimes! At least he isn't in my group because I am loosing patience real fast!!
Got in the pool for a hot minute, but the heat is really causing me not to want to exercise. I did splurge today...went to Chipotle. It was so yummy!!! Will brown bag it tomorrow.

Well better get back to the books.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Captain's Log Stardate 201109.5

The month has started out great. Survived my first week of school and I am excited to be back and getting things one step closer to graduation.

So far Sudden Bloom has sold 8 Kindle copies. In a week I will receive my proof and once that checks out we can start selling paperback versions. This is so exciting. I enjoy writing all that I have been able to develop in my characters.

In other news I am glad to have made my 5 pound goal and I am now working on the next 5 pounds. My hair is braided and my calendar is excuses.

Tomorrow is the first day of school for the cadets....I am already receiving that it is going to be a great year!
Captain Out.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Captain's Log Stardate Supplemental

Got in a great workout today....of course that meant I got to campus later than I wanted which meant I had to hike to my classes, thus giving me an additional workout. I guess I am being productive but I am feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Weighed in on Wii Fit Plus and I met my goal of losing 5 to get things down below 245!
One step at a time.