Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring 2011 2nd Semester Do Over Week Eight

Stardate 201103.12

What a great week, though it started off quite stressful.  Staying in bed all weekend to rest and get well really made a difference.  I'm glad I prepared early for Sim Lab, but the experience was a great as in previous years.  It was nice to save on gas this week with only having to drive to the VA once this week.  I feel a bit disjointed with having been off the floor for almost two weeks.  Anyway, did some studying on Monday and on Tuesday.  Professor M let us out early on Tuesday so I spent 4 hours reviewing and reviewing.  It worked great!  I am so glad that I passed the ECG final and I can now go home an relax on Tuesday evenings.  I know Steve will appreciate having me around in the evenings.

Wednesday was a very long day.  I got up at 4 am and got going to the hospital to pick my two patients.  Actually worked out okay, I did eat my breakfast but I didn't get to brush my teeth or put on any makeup.  I really need two hours to do a really good workup on my worksheets and be prepared but it worked out well in the long run.  My patients had pneumonia and one was preparing for a CABG, both were diabetic.  I wound up really working up a sweat.  My pneumonia patient was pretty mello but the other really allowed me to practice talking and educating.  He knew he needed to change, he just didn't have the heart or will to change.  At 63 living with his 93 year old patients, I think he needed to start listening to the still small voice.  We did have good conversations and was inspired to really start thinking about taking care of patients.  Of course passing my ECG exam the night before really had me pumped as well.  Lunch with my clinical crew was a bit trying.  For some reason they believe that the nursing staff is supposed to be accommodating to them and welcome them with open arms.  That is not life or realistic.  True we are there to learn but we aren't supposed to be babysat or become BFFs with these people.    I had become so fed up with their complaining that I sent out an email to them all about "How to deal with difficult people."  I don't know if it will help or not but I do hope that by the time we graduate that they will grow and realize that they have got to get over it.  It did do something for me.  My professor was go grateful that she told me that if I decide I want to be a TA in my fifth semester, I'm in.  I just thank the Lord for marking out my steps.

Spent the rest of Wednesday evening and most of Thursday morning preparing for my EBP exam.  I'm not worried about it but I do want to do well and keep my grades up.  Got to school early and after buying my scantron I sought a space in the ever crowded library/study center.  Found a great cubicle and went over everything.  I was so glad I read the articles.  Now if my group can get there act together so we can complete our final project and be done with it.  The exam wasn't bad and I did very well.  Thank you Jesus!

Touched bases with my favorite former teacher Dr Robinson and let her know that things are going well with N300 reboot and that things are falling into place.  She did tell me that I wouldn't be able to go to summer school, they are leaving it to the 2nd degree students so I'll be free to do some other things with the family.  I'd love to go to Las Vegas but that may not be in the budget since I am not working anymore.  I am officially done with all my bookkeeping and I am glad that things went well, a little bumpy but Steve is doing great with getting used to his business and running things.  I believe as long as he keeps his head about him and prayerfully deals with his sibling he should be fine.

Glad to be down to only two classes and have to just do my readings and reviewing  to prepare for my last three exams of the semester.  With the extra time I'll be sure to play with the kids more and take time to rest and take care of me.

Had the family weigh in today and we weren't too bad.  Had to make some adjustments since Andrew has grown to 41 inches!  Denyce needs to be more consistent and I need to get back on the bandwagon now that I am feeling better.  Steve needs to firm up but we'll need to see what is going on with his muscles.

Well time to get some more reading done.  Its nice to have a calm weekend for once without any pressure to have to get anything done immediately.  I have been making plans for Spring Break.  Legoland with Andrew and maybe Disneyland with Denyce?  We'll see how the money goes, it might be Legoland with Denyce and Seaworld with Andrew.  Since my in-laws are coming into town I don't want to schedule too much but I do want to spend some quality time with the kids.
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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spring 2011 2nd Semester Do Over Week Seven

Captain's Log Stardate 201103.5

This has been a great week!  I did well on my exam, unfortunately I made some silly mistakes and probably could have almost gotten a perfect score.  It was nice to sleep in on Tuesday and Wednesday since I had off floor rotation.  The nurses were really nice and the staff in Palliative Care should the true essence of caring.  I am not ready to work in that unit, made me way too emotional.  Special Procedures was interesting, again it was nice working with people who wanted you around.  Didn't do much but did see some interesting things.  Was glad for the easier week.
Now I am having trouble getting motivated to study for my ECG and EBP classes.  I must refocus so I can get ready for semester three.  I do hope to catch up to my original group but I have a feeling I might have to let that go.  Summer school I am sure would be stressful and I might need that time to spend with my family and really get all my information locked into my brain.   
Forsook my workouts to goals this week is to get back on schedule.  I do know that it will be a little easier once my Tuesday night class is over.
Time to hit the books.
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