Friday, November 26, 2010

Captain's Personal Log 201011.26

My how time flies. The academy is keeping me so busy I find it challenging to keep track of what day it is. Made is successfully to the end of the Fall Boot Camp and I am 6 pounds lighter.

Finished my last week of clinicals and know its all about getting ready for my last three exams. I must say I'm a bit more nervous this time around then the last. So much is riding on my grades it almost makes you lose your focus on what you need to be paying attention to. Must do one more group presentation and write one more paper before I can completely concentrate on my nursing classes. No more 18 unit semesters!!

Lovely Thanksgiving weekend with the family. Enjoying them while I can before beaming off to my responsibilities. This year is almost over and I know the new year will bring bigger and better things.
Capt. K

Friday, November 12, 2010

Time Keeps Flying By

Captain's Log 201011.11

The academy is keeping me busy. Exams, term papers and group presentations are the main things on my mind. Want to do well on my exams...finish strong. I wish we had more time to actually digest all that we are learning, we seem to be just flying through everything but not really "learning." There have been some days were I have felt like this is just craziness and I can think of some better things to be doing with my time.

Weight loss has been slow, spending so much time studying I'm not working out as much. glad I am not gaining...though once I pass my exam on Monday I am celebrating with some Chipotle. I have been saving up for this treat.

Had some blood drawn last week but haven't heard anything. Pray that the antibodies I need to keep me safe as I deal with patients and the public are there. No one has been able to tell me for sure what to do if I am susceptible. Not a very reassuring thing.

Tried coffee last week, it just didn't take. Tasted like hot water. Guess I stick with Sprite for now.

End transmission