Friday, June 11, 2010

Captain's Log Supplemental

Glad the work week has come to an end, not that work is every done on a starship. Our next stop at a M-class planet in the Long Beach System should prove rewarding to the crew.

The writing is coming along great. Some revisions here and there and I should have a great collection under my belt. Not that it would ever be published or anything.

Everyone has been getting in gear for getting in shape. The ensigns really enjoy rhythmic Kung Fu. Longer rest means an effective day.

Will wrap this day up with some quiet time with the Commander.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Captain's Log Stardate 201010.6

Well its another day in the Diet Quadrant and things are calm. Got a great cardio workout and I am looking forward to doing some boxing and some rhythm kung fu. Here's to getting rid of the extra natural padding!!
Captain Out.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Let the Weight Loss Begin

Stress is a killer! Ever since I started nursing school I've had stress almost as my constant companion. I hate that I have become a part time wife and mother. I'm on hiatus from my affair with my studies so its nice to be a family person again.
Now I can work on this weight. I think I'm heavier this year than last year when I went to my high school reunion.
Alas, this time has come to get rid of this extra natural padding. If I'm going to be a health professional and give my patients advice I need to make sure I'm walking the healthy straight and narrow. Sometimes that's easier said than done. My brain would rather sit and study and study some more than get a good cardio workout.
Well if I want to change things, I've to change my mind first. So here we go.....
Red Alert....Battle Stations!!
Captain Leichelle