Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Captain's Log 201206.13

Well on the working front, finished the paperwork, bloodwork, drug test and physical exam. Now waiting to go to orientation and become ready for a paycheck! On the school front, the multiple emails from the office of financial aid and scholarships are trying to drive me batty! Enough already. First I'm approved then all of a sudden I am not eligible. Then I have to wait a few weeks to an approval before activating my account and removing semester holds. It would be nice if every department was streamlined to stop causing me tachycardia before I start my last semester. I truly don't want another loan or to have to live off my credit cards. Books....putting the finishing touches on Satin Highlands. I love Cinaed and Haylee but I must say the next few books have been fun to sit down and construct. They are making me excited for Krya and Marcas. And finally my health...well I'm doing better. Down six pounds and working on staying on track. My blood pressure was in acceptable levels and I'm feeling better everyday. Gotta run, got a date with the Commander!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Captain's Log 201206.2

Time continues to move at warp speed. The Spring Semester went great, began to fizzle a little at the end...but finished just where I wanted to be. Being involved and getting good grades seem to go hand in hand no matter what you do. Just continuing to move forward. Just six months left.... After completing 40 Days in the Word I began the Daniel Plan. Its challenging but so far, even with some substitutions I am doing great and I like the online group I'm with. Will just continue to take things step by step. After working three days on the unit and sweating like a pig and having moments of tachy I knew it was past due for me to get moving again and really put an effort forth to get this extra natural padding off. I hope to be 20-30 pounds lighter when I start back to school at the end of August. The ship is hanging in there. My number one is still running things swimmingly and I appreciate all his work! He truly is the best! The crew is performing excellently and I appreciate all their efforts. In two weeks one of the crew will be promoted to ensign. Giving them more and more responsibility is bitter-sweet but a necessary move so they continue to progress and grow. Thinking ahead: Finish the final semester, pass the boards, work my new job, get prepared for graduate school and work toward being a professor at the SON.