Saturday, April 1, 2017

Hot Potato Topic April 2017

Is It Love or Lust?

  1. Do you imagine both of you together after five years?

  2. What attracted you to your partner?

  3. Do your partners opinions and thoughts make any difference in your life?

  4. Do both of you converse for long hours on telephone or in person?

  5. Would both of you want your families to know about your relationship?

  6. Do you become totally romantic with your partner?

  7. Do you bother, if you are late to meet your partner or if you forget to return his/her call?

  8. Do you love your partner even when he/she looks all messed up?

  9. Do you share all your problems and issues with your partner?

  10. Would you like to be seen together as a couple?

  11. Is physical intimacy, the most important thing in your relationship?