Sunday, April 28, 2013

I didn't mean to...honestly I didn't!!

It truly did not set out to write stories that were interconnected.  I really didn't.  I started having so much fun creating the supporting characters, some of them warranted stories of their own.  Now that Satin Highlands is out, and can stand alone, I will move a little more quickly when the next four books to not keep everyone hanging too long.  I indeed understand when I wait for books from some of my favorite authors.

In Seductive Satin I'll bring back my favorite FBI Peter Grambling and will finally deal with the the villain John Kennedy once and for all.  So many of you have expressed wanting to see him get his come upins. 

Will I tell Corinne and Angus' love story?  As of right now the answer is no.  My main focus will be to give you Marcas and Krya story and then bring you what's going on with the secretive Sydney, where I'll bring back Eric and Daila to help their friend.

Okay vacation time. Happy Reading!!!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

And we're off...

I've been enjoying my vacation and it's a little funny how when you're supposed to be resting you're actually busy.  I finished the outline for Finders Keepers and I hope to release the next four chapters soon.  Mark and Monique have been a pleasure and because I'm doing this mostly for my Fictionpress peeps I have been having a lot of fun.  No pressure, no deadlines, just creativity.  Not that my other works aren't creative too but there is something about different about making mud pies versus real pies.  I know most of you'll will be like "Leichelle you can't eat mud pies at least with a real pie you can eat it."  Yea I get it and I understand but when making mud pie, its always perfect whether you follow the recipe or not.  Not going to happen if you want to make an edible pie.  Enough of that or I'll fall of my weight loss wagon.

Recently I've been working toward reading through the works of all who follow me on Twitter. Its a challenge, especially if they've written more that one book and I want to get through my "small" list before it grows! There are so many awesome writers out there! I strive to make each subsequent story I write better than the last to keep up with the amazing company of individuals I find myself in. I am humbled each time I turn a page.

Alas you girl still hasn't decided on whether or not to get a Kindle or Nook.  I was even considering getting a iPad but I'm so not motivated by technology right now.  I still like going to the story and trying things on.  Of course once I get rid of my extra natural padding I'm really going to have a good time.

The exercising is going great.  I really like Zumba, I may not get all the moves down but I do move and shaking my groove thang has never been a problem!  Okay time to go tackle a hard assignment, "What's for dinner?"

Happy Reading!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Wish I Could Give Everyone 6 Stars!

While I'm in copy-editing mode I've been enjoying reading the works of the authors who follow me on Twitter. You know its a good, great story when you tell  yourself only one chapter and read two, you talk to and fuss at the characters, you laugh (out loud), tear up or cry, jump up and down and cheer, throw the book across the room (or slam closed the laptop) and then retrieve it so you can see what happens next. I'd "@" all followers if I could but I'm not wanting to type any more, I need to get back to reading!