Wednesday, March 27, 2013

March Madness

March is moving way too fast! Satin Highlands is in post production mode and while developing stories for Cinaed's brother Marcas and Haylee's friends Daila and Sydney I am in the process of developing new series, non-romance, about a nursing student.  Having fun fleshing it out, so to speak.

Okay time to watch Body of Proof I DVRed last night. Really love that show!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy First Day of Spring!

Well the month of March is quickly passing me by.  I've had to spend the past couple of weeks handling my  other interests, so I am dreadfully behind on my posts.

But I didn't despair.  Got together with my best friend of 35 years and had a wonderful afternoon.  It was so enjoyable reliving some of our childhood memories and funny antics.  I love how much more colorful I have become.  I can say I have learned not to rush and let things happen when they are supposed to happen.

Looking forward to working on the garden.  My roses have missed me.  Might try planting something new this spring....we'll see.

Okay back to writing. Have a great remainder of the week!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Update for March 5, 2013

As I prepare to launch Satin Highlands I am excited to share the twists and turns that Haylee and Cinaed put me through. They are a great couple and helped me set the stage for the stories I'll tell of their siblings Melody and Marcas, in two different stories.  The reread is going well and I hope to put the red pen away soon.

Marcas' story is even more challenging with the time travel element.  The late 1800s have taken a great deal of thankful for my in house historian!!  I'm a little sad to leave all the Scottish slang behind.  I guess its time, no one is understanding me anymore anyway.

Melody's story will be a bit grittier, she is after all a cop and has to deal with some dangerous and evil things.  If I was a Sci-Fic writer I'd make them the first married Captain and First Officer.  Gotta do more digging into the lives of police officer couples.  Yes they do exist.

Okay back to work for me...I giggle each time I say that.
Happy Reading!!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Updates for March 3, 2013

Today I spent some time with Monique and George "Mark" today (Finders Keepers).  Trying to decide just where I want this couple to take us.  Many of you have asked me about Mark's memory.  I've been asking some of my physician friends about amnesia and its affects.  No two patients are the same or even respond to treatment in the same way.  So just how far I'll be going with Mark....hmm well you'll just have to keep reading to see.  Although I won't be giving the handsome Dr. Drake Mann his own story, I am having fun with him as Mark settles in to the house.

As I prepare for Cinaed and Haylee to join your libraries, I have been finishing the outline for Cinaed's brother Marcas.  Time travel fascinates and aggravates me to no end...sounds like a good man!!
Anyway taking my time with that research because I want my Star Trek friends to be happy with me once done.

For my Fanfiction fans, I am almost done with the outline for Batman and Mrs. Bruce Wayne's return.  This one has been a challenge, especially when trying to fix it to "when" they come back and making sure they don't know the future.  So look for that real soon.

Did anyone do anything for Read Across America on Friday?  I pulled out everything Dr. Seuss and we had a small reading party.  I love trying out different voices when reading some of our favorites.  No matter what your interests, keeping encouraging our younger generations to read.
Happy Reading All.
Leichelle signing out.